Eggs vs. Protein Shakes: Which Comes Out on Top

Are you a fan of eggs or protein shakes? Anyone who is working on building up and/ or maintaining their lean muscle mass is sure to prefer to one over the other, at least in terms of taste. But, you’re not eating eggs or drinking protein shakes for their taste alone. If you like something with great taste try ديامي كوفي coffee!

You want to reap the muscular benefits as well. So, which one is better? Here’s a look at how eggs stack up against protein shakes.

From a Nutritional Standpoint

Let’s start with the average large egg.

  • 6-7 grams of protein
  • Around 78 calories (17 calories if you only consume the egg white)
  • 0 grams of fat, if you only consume the egg white or 5 grams of fat (1.6 grams of saturated fat) if you eat the whole thing.
  • Also contains vitamin A, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin B6, zinc, selenium, and magnesium.

This information is for a single egg, so you’ll need to multiply the number of eggs you consume by the amount given for a good estimate.

Now, let’s look at the nutrition facts for protein shakes. Keep in mind that these numbers can vary drastically depending on the manufacturer and are based on a single serving (11 oz.).

  • 30 grams of protein
  • 160 calories
  • 3 grams of fat (1 gram of saturated fat)
  • Also contains various vitamins and minerals, such as those found in the eggs listed above.


The Link between Leucine and Muscle Building

From the information above, they look pretty similar, but here is what you don’t see. Eggs contain 10% to 20% more leucine than any other protein source. Leucine, a branched chain amino acid that our body is unable to produce, is crucial for building muscle for several reasons, including:

  • It is the amino acid most strongly linked to protein synthesis, which is necessary for muscles to build up.
  • It has been shown to directly activate a crucial compound in the muscle known as mTOR, which augments protein synthesis to maximize muscle anabolism and build new muscle.
  • It results in increased fat loss and better preservation of lean body mass.
  • It makes it easier to control your blood sugar.
  • It has been shown to increase lean body mass more than soy and wheat protein, even when equal amounts are consumed.

Simply put, leucine plays a crucial role in muscle building and eggs are the best source of it.


Quality of Protein

Research shows that the quality of protein, along with its leucine content, can significantly influence muscle building. As a whole food, eggs are an excellent source of protein. Unlike some protein shakes on the market, they have not undergone any processing, such as some form of heat treatment. Eggs in their natural form are an excellent source of the highest-quality protein.

The Digestive Difference

As an added bonus, eggs tend to be easy to digest, while protein shakes may contain caseins, which the body has more trouble digesting, making the entire digestion process take longer. Depending on how you prepare them, protein shakes can also cause digestive problems. For example, if you mix the shake in a blender and add a few ice cubes for a creamier, better tasting shake, plenty of air gets thrown into the mix. As you drink the shake, you will swallow the air, which can result in gas, cramping, and bloating.

It is also worth noting that when you drink protein shakes, you tend to get hungrier much sooner than you do with eggs. Eggs, on the other hand, can help keep those hunger pains at bay for hours.

When it comes to Cost

According to the USDA, the average cost of a dozen eggs is around $2, which is definitely affordable, even on the strictest budget. They may cost a tad more if you opt for local, free range eggs. On the other hand, though it is possible to find surprisingly affordable protein shakes, especially if you commit to buying the powder in bulk, they also can get very pricy.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to eggs vs. protein shakes, eggs come out on top. They are a great source of high-quality protein and leucine, contain plenty of additional vitamins and minerals that provide numerous health benefits, and are easy to digest. They are also pretty inexpensive and offer more variety than you would get drinking the same protein shake day after day.

Why is Italian Cooking So Popular?

Ah, Italy. Who doesn’t love Italy? Whether it’s the bustling metropolis of Rome or the wild paradise of Tuscany. The beauty of Sorrento and the majesty of Sienna, the high fashion prestige of Milan. We all see Italy as a beautiful place. That’s why Italy remains one of the top holiday destinations in the world. However there is something more to the world’s love of Italy, we have a fascination with what we see as the Italian way of life and long to emulate it.

The Italian way of life is seen as being much more enjoyable than elsewhere in the world. This is what visitors fall in love with when they visit the country. They like the lively, joyful attitude of the people and the sense of style balanced with an appreciation for good living. When it comes to living the good life Italians do it best and a big part of that is the food, drink and dining that goes on there.

Walk around Italian streets and you can see people in cafes and restaurants as you would anywhere else in the world but in Italy people are chilled out and enjoying themselves. Even in small shops selling a quick bite for lunch you don’t see the pained expressions of Londoners and New Yorkers wolfing down some sustenance. Even if people are in a rush they enjoy the moment and their food. They also don’t mind interacting with strangers; a friendly nod, a compliment for the food or a conversation about the day.

Italian food is world famous for being based on fresh ingredients. The quality of even the simplest food is second to none. Getting back to basics appeals to people who want to experiment with Italian cooking. Rather than an intricate recipe that takes many specific ingredients you can get what’s best today from your local market and cook it with a few simple complimentary herbs.

When you do this you realize what you have been missing out on. The smell of a slow cooking roast wafting through the house embellished with rosemary or garlic can gradually get everyone in the mood for dinner. Maybe you’re in the mood for a Bolognese, the Italian classic. A Bolognese sauce is as unique as the household that makes it. A good one takes hours and the fresh ingredients bring a taste to it that can never be matched in any pre packaged variety.

After waiting all that time for your food it’s time to eat and that means company. Italian families and friends prioritize eating together and having a good time at the dinner table. This is one reason Italian cooking is so popular, everyone enjoys it so much and has a good time with each other as well as the food. Accompany with some fine wine from one of the many ancient and famous vineyards of Italy.

Remember you don’t need to pay top dollar for fantastic Italian food. You need quality and freshness, whether you are a fashion designer or a farmer, in Italy, you eat like a king.

It’s not all about hard labor in the kitchen. Everyone loves Italy’s most famous culinary invention, the pizza. Shareable, customisable and quick as you like. Whether you take your pizza out from an authentic Italian restaurant or if you are lucky enough to have a pizza oven this is something everyone loves. Embellish you pizza with seasonal choices. You can add fresh olives, artichokes or handfuls of spinach, anything goes.

As long as you use fresh quality ingredients you are eating the Italian way. Gather your friends and family around to share and enjoy, sit long into the night at your table with a fine Chianti and enjoy each others company.

Indexes of developed countries show Italy to have very low obesity rates. The United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom are at the top of this unfortunate list. It can be seen that some of the differences in the food and culture have contributed to this divide.

Not only do Italians favor fresh produce rather than processed food but they take their time when they eat. For some of us eating is all about the fast food taste and getting full in the minimum amount of time possible. Probably alone. It can be seen that none of this is doing us any good. Taking some tips from Italian culture we can see that it’s not just the food that’s important but sitting down to enjoy it properly too.

Why not head down to your local market today, grab an espresso and think about what you will buy to create a great Italian feast tonight.

Are Italian Foods Healthy?

Italian cuisine is among the healthiest in the world. Italian people themselves enjoy some of the best health and longevity statistics in the developed world. The prevalence of heart disease is particularly low across Italy.

The United States and the United Kingdom on the other hand regularly top lists of ill health. It seems that in the race to the top of the charts in other regards a lot of us have forgotten how to eat and live in a healthy way. So what can Italian food teach the rest of us?

Like all cuisines Italian cooking has some healthy and not so healthy dishes. However overall it is a supremely healthy diet. The way people eat in Italy is often referred to as the Mediterranean diet.

Let’s cover the not too healthy foods first. Italy has a lot of wonderful ingredients and foods that you may want to avoid if you’re in need of a health boost to your diet and lifestyle. These are foods that should be enjoyed in moderation or as a special treat. Maybe you can have one of these treats occasionally once you get on track overall.

Italy’s café culture is second to none. The streets of cities and even villages can be teaming with cafes and small establishments where you can grab a coffee and a cake or pastry. One thing is for sure, no matter how freshly baked, light and beautiful your pastry is, it isn’t healthy. Neither is a full fat cappuccino with chocolate on the top.

When people in Italy are interviewed about why they are so healthy they explain that they enjoy treats in moderation. In many developed countries we take the fact that here are a lot of pastry shops around to mean that we should eat a lot of pastry! Indulgent coffees and cakes are a calorie and fat hazard wherever you are in the world. Take heed of the Italian way of life and when you choose to have a treat, make it a special occasion with a friend or out and about. Rather than feeling guilty they enjoy the experience and don’t need it again for a while.

If you make eating the pastry about more than just consuming it then you are more satisfied for longer. How many people eat a pastry with a big take out coffee on their own in a parked car and feel guilty afterwards? All countries have naughty treats but the difference is how they are consumed.

Don’t worry, all those cafes have healthy meals and snacks too. Just avoid the universal red flag options.

The same goes for Italy’s wonderful ice-creams, cheeses and wines. Their calorie count is no different to when you are at home. People in Italy in general just know how to really enjoy these treats and make them an occasional addition to their diet. See also salty capers and anchovies you can find on pizza menus. They’re not healthy and you should only have them if you really want to splash out. Remember that cheese is extremely fattening, whether it’s on a sharing board with bread and fruit or generously spread over the top of a delicious lasagne you won’t dodge the calories because it’s on Italian cuisine.

Another aspect of Italy’s cuisine that is calorie heavy is creamy pastas. A carbonara might be the most famous for boosting calorie counts on menus the world over. In general just use your common sense and identify the parts of Italian cuisine that are treats meant to be enjoyed once in a while.

Beyond this you can enjoy eating Italian. Fresh tomatoe based sauces, vegetables, fish and lean locally reared meats form the base of this cuisine. The term Mediterranean cuisine refers to the diet eaten by people living around the Mediterranean. It is a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and salads. Processed foods and red meats are eaten sparingly. For flavour the Italians rely on herbs and spices rather than salt or bottled sauces.

This diet is low in bad fats and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Because the dishes in this cuisine are balanced you will find yourself more satisfied after eating the dishes, rather than cravings snacks or sweets. Because it is an aspect of Italian culture to sit down and enjoy meals slowly your body has chance to register that it is full meaning you eat less and feel fuller. When people wolf down big fried dinners and still want more it’s only because they didn’t take the time to eat properly.

What are you waiting for, eat Italian today!

How Pizza Rolls Are Made

Pizza may have originated in Italy but the rest of the world have fallen in love with it. Almost all the countries in the world have their very own version of pizza and one of the most popular  of those is the pizza roll. In the next few minutes, you will learn how you can make your own pizza rolls.

Why Pizzas Are So Popular

Before we go through the steps for making pizza rolls, let’s talk about why pizza is popular.

Pizza is a traditional Italian dish that has been arounds of years. It’s typically made up of flatbread that’s topped with tomato sauce and cheese. It is also topped with vegetables, meats, and other condiments.

The modern form of pizza originated from Naples and from there, it has become popular and common in other parts of the world.

One of the reasons why pizza is so popular is because it’s so easy to make different variations of it. You can use any kind of topping that you want to go with it, making it easy to adapt pizza to different cultures.

Now, What Are Pizza Rolls?

So, what are pizza rolls then and what makes them different from normal pizza?

A pizza roll is exactly what its name would imply. It’s a pizza slice which has been rolled up. One of the appeals of pizza rolls is that they are easier and more convenient to eat than a traditional pizza. It has become a popular snack on its own right.

How Pizza Rolls Are Made

Would you like to make your own pizza roll?

If that’s the case then we’ll give the steps that you can follow. These are popular choices for snacks among kids and they are very easy to make as well. On top of those benefits, there are also so many options when it comes to customizing them.

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

  • Dough. Any kind will do. You can just buy a can of crescent roll dough, you can also use a medium sized roll of pizza dough.
  • Flour  for rolling the dough
  • A few tablespoons  plain tomato sauce
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheese
  • Topping of your choice. This is totally up to you as to the kind of pizza roll that you want to make.

These are the steps that you can follow in making a fresh batch of pizza rolls:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Take the dough out of the can and fold it over.
  3. Sprinkle both sides of it with flour and then roll it out. Form a rectangle with it that’s ¼ inch thick.
  4. Spread the tomato sauce over the dough surface in an even manner. Don’t make it too thick or you’ll just end up with a mess. Try to work quickly because you don’t want he dough to get too warm, which would make it difficult to work on.
  5. Sprinkle the shredded cheese evenly on the dough surface.
  6. This is the time for you to add other toppings that you might want to include in your pizza rolls.
  7. You could never go wrong by adding bits of pepperoni, but it’s totally up to you. Whatever topping you fancy should be okay.
  8. Start rolling the dough. Keep in mind that you want your final dough to be narrow and long. Try to pack it in as tightly as you can without actually squishing the inside.
  9. If you feel the dough is becoming too soft, then place it in the fridge for a few minutes to make it firmer.
  10. Start cutting the rolled dough. Ideally, you should get a dozen pieces of roll.
  11. Place the rolls inside on a baking sheet and then put it inside the oven. Keep it there for 12 to 15 minutes.
  12. Once you take the rolls out of the oven, you’ll just have to wait for them to cool down the a bit and they’ll be ready to serve.

Pizza rolls aren’t just ideal for snacks. Serve these with a bowl of salad and you’ll get really good dinner option.

What are you waiting for? Start making your own pizza rolls now and enjoy them with your family.

Why Pizza Is So Popular

Pizza is definitely among the most popular food no matter where you are in the world. But why is it so well-loved by many? Regardless of age, race, nationality, education, occupation or gender, you can bet that anyone you ask will answer “pizza” when asked about their favorite food. We take a look and explore the biggest reasons why pizza is so popular:



Had a long, grueling day at work and in no mood to cook dinner? Pizza is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Pizza shops are available 24/7 and are just a phone call or a mouse click away.

The food itself is so convenient because you just need one hand to eat it. You can forego the plate and save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after you eat. Simply toss the cardboard box into the bin when you’re done, and continue on what you’re supposed to do.



Pizza is a popular food because it’s versatile. The flat dough can accommodate any ingredient that you may want at the moment. Craving for the strong taste of cheese? Order mozarella and add any kind of cheese you fancy. Loading up on protein? Order a meat lover’s special. Need to go on healthy eating? Order a vegetarian pizza. Pizza is one of the few foods in the world that has a million and one flavor. Unlike the ice cream, you can choose to have a lot of different tastes in one pizza pan. The end product that comes out will smell great and taste deliciously filling.


Great For All Occasions

Pizza is great for any day and any occasion. Any reason to celebrate becomes an opportunity to call for a hot pizza to be delivered at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less. Got promoted by your company? Graduation day? Just had a baby? Celebrating your anniversary? Pizza is a welcome food that puts an exclamation point to a well-deserved pat on the back. When you order for pizza, you can be sure that your family and friends will like it. You save time preparing the meals and use the time to interact and talk with your friends.


Moreover, you can order pizza to accommodate any group of any size. Order a pan pizza for two, or 10 boxes for a graduation party. If your book club is running late and you have no time to cook, a delicious pizza can be delivered to feed your group before they head home.


You Can Make It Yourself

What’s better than calling for pizza? Making it yourself with your own ingredients. The great thing about pizza is that almost everything can be substituted to what you have. For example, dough can be replaced with white bread, bagel or french bread. You can make a garden-variety pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, broccoli, onions and it will still taste good right out of the oven. You can make seafood pizza using anchovies, shrimp or sardines. Customize according to your palate and it will still taste like pizza made in a parlor.

Why Pizza is The Best

February 9 is National pizza day, one of the days set aside to celebrate all of its cheesy goodness. Pizza is one of those foods you can indulge in without feeling guilty. The moment you combine melted cheese with tomato sauce, a topping of your choice, and a crispy crust, pizza becomes one food in its own class. Being delicious no matter the time of day you eat it is another amazing thing about pizza.

You can it as a hungover breakfast, have it for lunch or enjoy it as a lazy dinner.

Here are some undeniable reasons why pizza is the best food.


The Price is Always Right

Whether you want to be gourmet and chic, or you simply are on a budget, you can always find pizza. You can be drunk and enjoying pizza on the street or be in a five star restaurant using a knife and fork, and pizza will taste the same.


Tastes Fantastic any Time of the Day

You can have pizza at any time of the day and it will taste amazing. Whether you’ve just woke up or popped in for some lunch, pizza is your best friend.


Covers all Food Groups

The different types of toppings, crust, and the source all contain a variety of all five food groups. The fruit toppings provide vitamins, cheese contains calcium that supports teeth and bone health, and the vegetables provide nutrients such as iron and zinc. You can add leaner meats, garlic, pineapple, and peppers for a healthier alternative. When making your own pizza, you can choose a thin whole grain option, to help you reduce blood sugar spikes. Moreover, it leaves you feeling fuller overtime.


Pizza helps to Fight Cancer

Tomato sauce contains lycopene. This is according to the Health Sciences Institute. Both Italian and domestic pizza contain this ingredient, a potent antioxidant that helps to prevent cancer and protect your heart from different heart conditions. Nonetheless, you need to eat in moderation. The institute also notes that lycopene is best absorbed when you’re hot, this tends to disappear when pizza is cold.


Brings the Party Together

Ever been to a party and needed something to fill up your tummy? Getting pizza always seems like the best option to bring the party together.


Less Cleanup

The moment you order pizza at home, it comes in a box. You can choose to eat pizza from the box or place it in a plate. Unlike cooking, you don’t have to use a lot of utensils or struggle cleaning up. This helps to save time.


Pizza Has More Antioxidants

Most pizza have more antioxidants than different pies due to its crust size and oven time. Scientists discovered that longer baking times led to increased antioxidants by up to 60%. High oven temperatures increased antioxidants by 82%.


Pizza Never Gets Boring

Eating the chicken, rice, and other foods can get boring over time. Pizza never gets boring due to the different toppings. You can choose a pepperoni pizza or go for a pineapple and sausage pizza to spice things up.


Infinite Topping Combinations

Pizza is one of the most versatile foods around. You can try different ingredients when it comes to crusts, spices, and sauces. Moreover, you can try a well-known, popular pizza topping like Hawaiian pizza. You can also create your own delicious combinations of toppings, spices, and sauces.


Vegan Options to Choose From

If you are a vegetarian, you’re limited in terms of food choices. Fortunately, you can find a range of flavors to choose from. What’s more, people are now adventurous and are experimenting with vegetables like cucumbers and spinach.


Perfect Comfort Food

Whether you’ve just had a bad day or you just need some pick me up, pizza is the best comfort food. You’ll feel better after eating some slices of pizza.


Ideal Snack for Your little ones

If you don’t have time to prepare complex food, ordering pizza is a great idea. Your kids will love it and will be full until the next meal.


Pizza is one of the top rated foods when it comes to the world of culinary achievements. With the endless array of toppings, soft crust and tangy sauce, pizza is inexpensive, fast, and available even at the wee hours of the night. People may disappoint you, but pizza is eternal.

Types of cheese used in pizza

Pizza is true love and there ain’t no doubt about that! It’s hard to not get mesmerized as you place that thin crust baked to perfection, topped with some amazing meats and veggies in your mouth. However, while all these are important ingredients in making pizzas, it is the cheese that makes it as delicious as it actually is! Can you imagine your pizza without that glazing layer of cheese?! We can’t for sure!

While Mozzarella is the universal favorite cheese when it comes to pizzas, there are other options as well. Feel free to be as creative as you want, incorporating dry cheese as well as the creamy ones, or a combination of both to come up with some mouth-watering pizzas! Ready? Let’s have a look at some of the different types of cheese that is used in pizzas all over the world!



Fresh, light and creamy, mozzarella is the Italian favourite when it comes to pizza cheese and enjoys a universal appeal as well. In fact, there are some kinds of pizzas, like the margherita, that is just loaded with this one hell of a cheese. When buying mozzarella, consider if it has high moisture or a low moisture – the former has a smaller shelf life and has to be used within the first day of being made while the latter has a longer shelf life and offers a sour and denser taste. The low moisture version also comes in two different options – low fat or high fat content.



This is a slightly hard cheese that is generally mixed with mozzarella in pizzas. The taste and texture of the Provolone depend on how long it has aged. For a creamier and sweeter flavor, opt for the one that is not extremely old. However, if you prefer cheese that has a dry texture, then the one that has aged for long would be the right choice.



A lot of people have this misconception that cheddar cheese shouldn’t be added to pizzas as it has a sharp, in-your-face taste. However, it is very commonly added to pizza cheese blends. The lush orange tint adds color to your cheese and it also doesn’t burn easily, like the mozzarella, thanks to the fact that it is not highly elastic. It is very commonly used in specialties like the buffalo ranch pizza and the chicken bacon ranch that have a distinct flavor which has found universal appeal.


Blue (Bleu) Cheese:

When using this cheese, remember that it has a very strong flavor, so a little might be more than enough to give the taste and texture that you are looking for in your perfect version of the pizza. This cheese is known to enhance the flavours of crisp, bright vegetables and while they can be crumbled to form the bottom-most layer of your pizza, it is also common to create the blue cheese bechamel sauce that can be used as the sauce while making the pizza.


Cream cheese:

If you love pizza, then just add cream cheese to it and you will love it all the more! Available in different versions like the goat’s cheese, mascarpone and Boursin, it can be used individually or mixed with herbs and other ingredients to create its own distinct taste. A good method of using this cheese would be to use it as a spread on the dough before adding in the other layers, or adding small chunks on the top of the pizza only after it has been baked to perfection as they can easily get burned.


Smoked Gouda:

There is a place named Gouda in the Netherlands, and the cheese that is made from the milk of those cows is known as the Smoked Gouda. It is a smoke cured yellow cheese; thus the name. The Smoked Gouda has a smoky flavor but a creamier texture and is known to enhance the flavors of bacon, caramelized onions and roasted vegetables. It is generally added as small chunks on the top of the pizza. Even though it doesn’t melt very well, it gives you an unbelievably creamier texture when warmed slightly. Combine one part of the Smoked Gouda with four parts of Mozzarella for best results!


Top 10 Types of Pizza

WHO DOESN’T LOVE PIZZA!?! There is no better feeling in this world than warm pizza box on your lap.This video breaks down the top 10 types of pizzas for you: