Why is Italian Cooking So Popular?

Ah, Italy. Who doesn’t love Italy? Whether it’s the bustling metropolis of Rome or the wild paradise of Tuscany. The beauty of Sorrento and the majesty of Sienna, the high fashion prestige of Milan. We all see Italy as a beautiful place. That’s why Italy remains one of the top holiday destinations in the world. However there is something more to the world’s love of Italy, we have a fascination with what we see as the Italian way of life and long to emulate it.

The Italian way of life is seen as being much more enjoyable than elsewhere in the world. This is what visitors fall in love with when they visit the country. They like the lively, joyful attitude of the people and the sense of style balanced with an appreciation for good living. When it comes to living the good life Italians do it best and a big part of that is the food, drink and dining that goes on there.

Walk around Italian streets and you can see people in cafes and restaurants as you would anywhere else in the world but in Italy people are chilled out and enjoying themselves. Even in small shops selling a quick bite for lunch you don’t see the pained expressions of Londoners and New Yorkers wolfing down some sustenance. Even if people are in a rush they enjoy the moment and their food. They also don’t mind interacting with strangers; a friendly nod, a compliment for the food or a conversation about the day.

Italian food is world famous for being based on fresh ingredients. The quality of even the simplest food is second to none. Getting back to basics appeals to people who want to experiment with Italian cooking. Rather than an intricate recipe that takes many specific ingredients you can get what’s best today from your local market and cook it with a few simple complimentary herbs.

When you do this you realize what you have been missing out on. The smell of a slow cooking roast wafting through the house embellished with rosemary or garlic can gradually get everyone in the mood for dinner. Maybe you’re in the mood for a Bolognese, the Italian classic. A Bolognese sauce is as unique as the household that makes it. A good one takes hours and the fresh ingredients bring a taste to it that can never be matched in any pre packaged variety.

After waiting all that time for your food it’s time to eat and that means company. Italian families and friends prioritize eating together and having a good time at the dinner table. This is one reason Italian cooking is so popular, everyone enjoys it so much and has a good time with each other as well as the food. Accompany with some fine wine from one of the many ancient and famous vineyards of Italy.

Remember you don’t need to pay top dollar for fantastic Italian food. You need quality and freshness, whether you are a fashion designer or a farmer, in Italy, you eat like a king.

It’s not all about hard labor in the kitchen. Everyone loves Italy’s most famous culinary invention, the pizza. Shareable, customisable and quick as you like. Whether you take your pizza out from an authentic Italian restaurant or if you are lucky enough to have a pizza oven this is something everyone loves. Embellish you pizza with seasonal choices. You can add fresh olives, artichokes or handfuls of spinach, anything goes.

As long as you use fresh quality ingredients you are eating the Italian way. Gather your friends and family around to share and enjoy, sit long into the night at your table with a fine Chianti and enjoy each others company.

Indexes of developed countries show Italy to have very low obesity rates. The United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom are at the top of this unfortunate list. It can be seen that some of the differences in the food and culture have contributed to this divide.

Not only do Italians favor fresh produce rather than processed food but they take their time when they eat. For some of us eating is all about the fast food taste and getting full in the minimum amount of time possible. Probably alone. It can be seen that none of this is doing us any good. Taking some tips from Italian culture we can see that it’s not just the food that’s important but sitting down to enjoy it properly too.

Why not head down to your local market today, grab an espresso and think about what you will buy to create a great Italian feast tonight.