Types of cheese used in pizza

Pizza is true love and there ain’t no doubt about that! It’s hard to not get mesmerized as you place that thin crust baked to perfection, topped with some amazing meats and veggies in your mouth. However, while all these are important ingredients in making pizzas, it is the cheese that makes it as delicious as it actually is! Can you imagine your pizza without that glazing layer of cheese?! We can’t for sure!

While Mozzarella is the universal favorite cheese when it comes to pizzas, there are other options as well. Feel free to be as creative as you want, incorporating dry cheese as well as the creamy ones, or a combination of both to come up with some mouth-watering pizzas! Ready? Let’s have a look at some of the different types of cheese that is used in pizzas all over the world!



Fresh, light and creamy, mozzarella is the Italian favourite when it comes to pizza cheese and enjoys a universal appeal as well. In fact, there are some kinds of pizzas, like the margherita, that is just loaded with this one hell of a cheese. When buying mozzarella, consider if it has high moisture or a low moisture – the former has a smaller shelf life and has to be used within the first day of being made while the latter has a longer shelf life and offers a sour and denser taste. The low moisture version also comes in two different options – low fat or high fat content.



This is a slightly hard cheese that is generally mixed with mozzarella in pizzas. The taste and texture of the Provolone depend on how long it has aged. For a creamier and sweeter flavor, opt for the one that is not extremely old. However, if you prefer cheese that has a dry texture, then the one that has aged for long would be the right choice.



A lot of people have this misconception that cheddar cheese shouldn’t be added to pizzas as it has a sharp, in-your-face taste. However, it is very commonly added to pizza cheese blends. The lush orange tint adds color to your cheese and it also doesn’t burn easily, like the mozzarella, thanks to the fact that it is not highly elastic. It is very commonly used in specialties like the buffalo ranch pizza and the chicken bacon ranch that have a distinct flavor which has found universal appeal.


Blue (Bleu) Cheese:

When using this cheese, remember that it has a very strong flavor, so a little might be more than enough to give the taste and texture that you are looking for in your perfect version of the pizza. This cheese is known to enhance the flavours of crisp, bright vegetables and while they can be crumbled to form the bottom-most layer of your pizza, it is also common to create the blue cheese bechamel sauce that can be used as the sauce while making the pizza.


Cream cheese:

If you love pizza, then just add cream cheese to it and you will love it all the more! Available in different versions like the goat’s cheese, mascarpone and Boursin, it can be used individually or mixed with herbs and other ingredients to create its own distinct taste. A good method of using this cheese would be to use it as a spread on the dough before adding in the other layers, or adding small chunks on the top of the pizza only after it has been baked to perfection as they can easily get burned.


Smoked Gouda:

There is a place named Gouda in the Netherlands, and the cheese that is made from the milk of those cows is known as the Smoked Gouda. It is a smoke cured yellow cheese; thus the name. The Smoked Gouda has a smoky flavor but a creamier texture and is known to enhance the flavors of bacon, caramelized onions and roasted vegetables. It is generally added as small chunks on the top of the pizza. Even though it doesn’t melt very well, it gives you an unbelievably creamier texture when warmed slightly. Combine one part of the Smoked Gouda with four parts of Mozzarella for best results!