Why Pizza is The Best

February 9 is National pizza day, one of the days set aside to celebrate all of its cheesy goodness. Pizza is one of those foods you can indulge in without feeling guilty. The moment you combine melted cheese with tomato sauce, a topping of your choice, and a crispy crust, pizza becomes one food in its own class. Being delicious no matter the time of day you eat it is another amazing thing about pizza.

You can it as a hungover breakfast, have it for lunch or enjoy it as a lazy dinner.

Here are some undeniable reasons why pizza is the best food.


The Price is Always Right

Whether you want to be gourmet and chic, or you simply are on a budget, you can always find pizza. You can be drunk and enjoying pizza on the street or be in a five star restaurant using a knife and fork, and pizza will taste the same.


Tastes Fantastic any Time of the Day

You can have pizza at any time of the day and it will taste amazing. Whether you’ve just woke up or popped in for some lunch, pizza is your best friend.


Covers all Food Groups

The different types of toppings, crust, and the source all contain a variety of all five food groups. The fruit toppings provide vitamins, cheese contains calcium that supports teeth and bone health, and the vegetables provide nutrients such as iron and zinc. You can add leaner meats, garlic, pineapple, and peppers for a healthier alternative. When making your own pizza, you can choose a thin whole grain option, to help you reduce blood sugar spikes. Moreover, it leaves you feeling fuller overtime.


Pizza helps to Fight Cancer

Tomato sauce contains lycopene. This is according to the Health Sciences Institute. Both Italian and domestic pizza contain this ingredient, a potent antioxidant that helps to prevent cancer and protect your heart from different heart conditions. Nonetheless, you need to eat in moderation. The institute also notes that lycopene is best absorbed when you’re hot, this tends to disappear when pizza is cold.


Brings the Party Together

Ever been to a party and needed something to fill up your tummy? Getting pizza always seems like the best option to bring the party together.


Less Cleanup

The moment you order pizza at home, it comes in a box. You can choose to eat pizza from the box or place it in a plate. Unlike cooking, you don’t have to use a lot of utensils or struggle cleaning up. This helps to save time.


Pizza Has More Antioxidants

Most pizza have more antioxidants than different pies due to its crust size and oven time. Scientists discovered that longer baking times led to increased antioxidants by up to 60%. High oven temperatures increased antioxidants by 82%.


Pizza Never Gets Boring

Eating the chicken, rice, and other foods can get boring over time. Pizza never gets boring due to the different toppings. You can choose a pepperoni pizza or go for a pineapple and sausage pizza to spice things up.


Infinite Topping Combinations

Pizza is one of the most versatile foods around. You can try different ingredients when it comes to crusts, spices, and sauces. Moreover, you can try a well-known, popular pizza topping like Hawaiian pizza. You can also create your own delicious combinations of toppings, spices, and sauces.


Vegan Options to Choose From

If you are a vegetarian, you’re limited in terms of food choices. Fortunately, you can find a range of flavors to choose from. What’s more, people are now adventurous and are experimenting with vegetables like cucumbers and spinach.


Perfect Comfort Food

Whether you’ve just had a bad day or you just need some pick me up, pizza is the best comfort food. You’ll feel better after eating some slices of pizza.


Ideal Snack for Your little ones

If you don’t have time to prepare complex food, ordering pizza is a great idea. Your kids will love it and will be full until the next meal.


Pizza is one of the top rated foods when it comes to the world of culinary achievements. With the endless array of toppings, soft crust and tangy sauce, pizza is inexpensive, fast, and available even at the wee hours of the night. People may disappoint you, but pizza is eternal.